New Heights’ Q3 2021 Review

Food industry and consumer-focused businesses kept us busy through the summer.

Some highlights of our engagements include…

Food and beverage

New Heights and other experts have observed bottle necks across the food production supply chain. However demand for new products and flavors remains strong. We assisted clients in better understanding opportunities in:

  • Specialty ingredients
  • Protein processing and safety equipment
  • Protein processing parts and aftermarket service
  • Large animal/food animal healthcare products

Green construction

Environmental stewardship is now fully mainstream, and the green building market is expected to grow by over 14% in the next few years. We helped clients looking to invest in:

  • Net-zero homebuilding
  • High-efficiency architectural window films

Consumer recreation

With Covid19 driving hobby time and outdoor recreational spending, New Heights helped clients explore opportunities in:

  • Craft and art supplies
  • Boat and jet ski lifts and docks
  • Vehicle trailers
  • Automotive window tint

We also researched business and customer trends in:

Home healthcare

Software and online media


Traditional construction and manufacturing products

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William Weaver

William Weaver is Senior Consultant with New Heights Research.