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New Heights’ Q1 2023 Review

SaaS and consumer-focused projects kept us busy in the first part of the year, with a special focus on voice-of-the-customer ...
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Cybersecurity is now an issue for executive leadership, not the IT department.

Dealmakers consider cybersecurity increasingly vital, but they are not very confident in their solutions. What we did: New Heights surveyed ...
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The impacts of Covid19 on small-and-medium businesses (SMBs) varied significantly by industry

IT firms were most likely to have thrived during the pandemic, while business services experienced the most pain. New Heights’ ...
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Riding the Wave: New Heights’ survey of Small-and-Medium Businesses, Winter 2021-22.

What can we learn from SMBs who thrived during the Covid Pandemic? What we did: New Heights surveyed a national ...
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