Rapid Insights

What is Rapid Insights?

  • An exercise that delivers actionable insights on a focused set of high-priority questions or objectives.
  • Completed in 1 to 2 weeks.
  • 5 to 10 in-depth interviews with relevant market participants – customers, prospects and/or SMEs.
  • Project fees start at only $5,000.
New Heights Research

Rapid Insights delivers a highly focused Executive Summary, with the answers to key objectives readily available at a glance.

Flexible as you need it to be

  • Partner-led process: New Heights staff work with Partners, Principles, and subject matter experts to dynamically test investment hypotheses.
  • Clients can REDIRECT or END the project at any point.
New Heights Research

A Rapid Insights exercise can be tailored to focus on any area that is key to your investment thesis, including growth opportunities, competitive advantages, supplier relationships, customer relationships. Maximum flexibility is maintained, throughout.

Why New Heights?

  • Drawing on years of experience, senior New Heights consultants manage each project.
  • Discussion guides drafted by New Heights in consultation with client.
  • Focused presentation of findings delivered, along with full transcriptions of every interview conducted.
  • Project management is very agile– communication happens in real-time, and client ends or redirects activities at any time.
New Heights Research

The flexibility of the Rapid Insights format makes it well suited to explore niche businesses and customer groups.