New Heights’ Q4 2021 Review

Technology and software services kept us occupied through the end of 2021.

Some highlights of our engagements included:

Online marketing and CRM

Online marketing is an increasing priority for user spending.

New Heights surveyed users of online sales funnel and CRM software platforms. Driven by the need to acquire new customers, users of these platforms expect to spend more on them. The Covid19 pandemic accelerated the need for strong online marketing, and growth is expected to continue.

Robotics and cobots

A collaborative robot (cobot) works alongside a human being.

Designed to support human workers rather than replace them, cobots have become one of the fastest growing subsectors in robotics, according to the International Federation of Robotics and experts in the field with whom we spoke.

Digital asset management

Keeping digital assets in a single, organized, and secure repository has become more important to organizations of many sizes.


Construction remained active in Q4 2021, despite materials shortages.

  • Building materials distribution
  • Residential and industrial doors
  • Commercial and residential fencing

Specialty chemical distribution

Specialty chemical distribution is adopting online business and branding practices to meet the expectations of today’s customers.

Outdoor recreation

Outdoor and family activities were popular during 2021.

Light manufacturing

Light manufacturing remains a staple of the middle market, around the world.

Automotive accessories

Even though people spent more time at home in 2021, more of it was spent working on their cars.

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William Weaver

William Weaver is Senior Consultant with New Heights Research.