New Heights’ Q1 2023 Review

SaaS and consumer-focused projects kept us busy in the first part of the year, with a special focus on voice-of-the-customer insights.

Some of our highlights included:

SaaS and online technology

Education software services were an active segment coming out of 2022. Schools rely on software services not only for operations, but also for the many reporting compliance requirements established by government and accrediting bodies. Voice-of-the-customer (VoC) insights were particularly robust here, bolstered by New Height’s ability to leverage our own technology stack.

Food and beverage

Specialty foods were again a focus for us coming out of Q4 last year and into the spring, including:

  • Health snacks
  • Ethnic/import foods
  • Emergency preparedness


“Reshoring” and “near-shoring” of manufacturing activity from Asia to North America is expected to accelerate, in light of the supply chain struggles experienced during Covid. We assisted clients with exploring opportunities in:

  • Controls systems
  • Machining
  • Lean manufacturing materials and support

Sustainable products and materials

Research into sustainability markets was a focus at the consumer, B2B, and industrial levels. We delivered mission-critical insights into:

  • Sustainable plastics and plastic additives
  • Landfill gas reclamation and power generation
  • Climate-smart agricultural commodities

Residential and commercial construction

Construction remained active in select markets and specialty areas. We assisted clients in evaluating their opportunities in:

  • Single family home development
  • Land surveying
  • Commercial security fencing

We also assisted clients with their investments in:

Media and advertising

Aerospace and defense

Executive leadership coaching

Personal fitness and nutrition


Oilfield support services

With monetary policy in flux even as the economy remains strong, high quality market research, due-diligence, and customer listening programs are more important than ever. Please contact us, and let’s discuss how New Heights can assist you, today.

William Weaver

William Weaver is Senior Consultant with New Heights Research.