New Heights Customer eXperience Survey

Can your company answer these questions?

  • "How well are we meeting our customers' needs?"
  • "How loyal are our customers? Why?"
  • "Are we missing sales opportunities?"
  • "How do we rate vs. the competition?"
  • "What should we be doing right now to accelerate growth?"

We can.

What Is It?

  • Phone and web survey initiative 100% administered by New Heights to assess the "voice" of your company's customers.
  • Minimum 5 phone interviews and 25 web surveys.
  • Full PPT presentation, including analysis, insights, and recommendations.
  • Rapidly-deployed and completed in 2-3 weeks.

Why Do It?

  • Deepen your company's customer relationships.
  • Strengthen your customers' loyalty.
  • Boost your company's sales growth by finding and delivering on unmet needs.
  • Identify and hone your company's competitive advantages.

Understand at a glance where your company is providing value to your customers with the New Heights CXS Performance Map.

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The CXS Performance Map captures and illustrates what is most critical to your customers—and how well your company delivers it to them. The Performance Map is a powerful tool for immediate, actionable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your company in the minds of your customers, where your customers’ needs are best being met, and where improvement opportunities may be found.

Explore organic growth potential in your customer relationships, without marketing spin.


The CXS is purpose-built to capture customers’ purchase outlook and to explore potential growth opportunities. Respondents may suggest new products or services that they cannot get from competitors or would prefer to buy from your company. In some cases, they may explain exactly how to earn a deeper share of their wallets.

Unlock the meaning of the survey data in the words of your customers, themselves.


The included Customer Interview Panel provides action-oriented context for interpreting the CXS survey data. Many key metrics for the health of your customer relationships—such as their likelihood of switching to a different vendor—can be difficult to interpret without direct commentary from your customers. The CXS Interview Panel provides context by integrating direct quotes from your customers. Additional interviews are available as a CXS Add-On, where richer context – and richer insight – is required.

Why Do It Now?

Now is the time to recession-proof the performance of your company by positioning it to strengthen relationships and capitalize on organic growth opportunities.

Your customers want to be listened to.

The CXS process may improve the quality of your company’s customer relationships simply by doing it. Respondents often remark that they appreciate when a vendor takes the time to listen to them, improve their service to them, and to pay attention to what is important to them. Engaging in straight talk with your customers through the CXS platform can be a way to differentiate your company from the competition as one that values its customers and appreciates their needs. New Heights are experts in facilitating this process.

Why Do It With New Heights?

  • Founded in 2005, New Heights has the expertise to do it right.
  • Benchmark the performance of your company against the proprietary NHR Index, assembled from our 15 years of middle market research data.
  • Starting at $10k, the New Heights Customer eXperience Survey is time-efficient, cost-effective, and an incredible value.


  • Lead generation/prospective customer survey panel
  • Market sizing and modeling
  • Survey/interview panel with company's management
  • Survey/interview panel with company's vendors
  • Blind competitor interviews
  • Secondary research deep-dive
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