What We Do We help clients get smarter - fast and cost-effectively

New Heights service platform was developed over a decade and is built to drive results. We use tried and true techniques for gathering information and synthesizing.

Our Services

Investor Groups
Investor Groups

SME calls
Customer calls
Primary research

Post LOI
Secondary research
In-depth interviews
Market sizing & growth assessment

Acquisition Search
Identify relevant targets
Systematic outreach to highest-level priorities
Immediately connect with entrepreneurs and build relationships

Portfolio Company Support
Acquisition target research
Underperformance investigation
New product market adoption
Evaluate growth opportunities


Small business, middle market, large corporations

Voice of the customer
Customer listening exercises
Understanding unmet needs
Supporting strategic decisions

M&A due diligence

Strategic opportunity assessment

New market entry

Underperformance investigation


Member surveys

Voice of the member

Market sizing

Trend analysis