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A Big Headache? The Current State of Health Information Sharing in the U.S.

Challenges involved with sharing patient health information between care providers in the US may complicate responses to national healthcare crises ...
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Winds of change? Increasing blade sizes present problems—and opportunities—for investors in the wind energy industry

What we did: In January and February 2020, NHR researched the wind energy technology industry. We spoke with scientific researchers ...
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Full speed ahead? A pending highway infrastructure bill could add a significant boost for road construction-related industries

America's West South Central Region may become a particular hot-spot What we did: NHR interviewed a diverse group of stakeholders ...
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A Double-Edged Sword: China’s “National Sword” policy has caused disruptions and opportunities in the U.S. recycling market

What we did: In Spring 2019, New Heights interviewed numerous market participants in the U.S. scrap material recovery and recycling ...
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