What We Do



We engage our Network of 1,000s of experts to deliver meaningful and actionable insights. 



We ask the right questions and listen carefully.  We customize each engagement and dig into the data to find the answers.



We move quickly and with purpose. We understand and respect deadlines and work within them.


We pride ourselves on offering:

  • Experience and insight – Depth and breadth from in-house professionals, combined with immediate access to networked experts.
  • Speed – Project commencement, execution, and delivery often within a month.
  • Flexibility – Project will fit your requirements, timeline, and budget – not ours.
  • Value – We don’t compete on price, but we understand that you’ve got a budget to live with in the end.
  • Commitment – We work day and night, weekends and – when necessary – holidays to deliver for you. There is no “9-to-5” at New Heights.



Bert Smyers Founder

Bert is the Founder of New Heights Research and is responsible for the firm’s management and...

Christina WooPartner

Christina is a Partner at New Heights Research.  She has worked with New Heights Research...

Susan Siley Director

Susan is a Director for New Heights Research, focused on the firm's operations.

Andrew GrannisAssociate

Andrew is an Associate at New Heights Research. He has worked with NHR since 2013,...

Kelly SieberDirector

Kelly is Director of Administration at New Heights Research and is responsible for the firm’s...


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