New Heights Research (NHR) provides custom business research that enables clients to improve decision-making and achieve critical business objectives. We offer a range of business intelligence, proprietary research, and consulting solutions to investment and corporate clients throughout the country.


At NHR, custom is not a cliché. We learn quickly and listen closely in order to understand the nuance of our clients' business problems. We work collaboratively to tailor specific objectives and customize an approach to develop a comprehensive proprietary fact base.

Expert, Experienced 

We have successfully completed hundreds of engagements across myriad industries for clients seeking answers to a wide range of business questions. Our professionals have years of senior consulting experience in strategy, banking, and operations.

On-Demand, Cost-effective

NHR's boutique model makes us uniquely flexible. We can ramp-up resources to cost-effectively accommodate the tightest time frames. Projects get off the ground quickly and are executed efficiently.